This Is Head

This Is Head

Whyred opened Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2020 with the digital fashion movie “Summer of Love”, inspired by the legendary San Francisco music festival of 1967 Summer of Love. Music is at the core of Whyred’s approach to fashion, so we teamed up with Swedish indie band “This Is Head” for a special showcase of the latest collection.

Q & A with Swedish indie band “This Is Head”

Tell us everything about the song ”The One?”, featured in the film.

It's warm and cramped in the small room on Santa Monica Boulevard. We have been in the USA for a month. After just over a week of shows in the February cold of New York and Boston, the idea is now to play live and write music in L.A. The quartet stands there jostling for space, playing and writing. A large part of the material is then re-recorded and ends up on the album "This is Head", some falls into oblivion and one song, "The One?", ends up somewhere in between. The recording from that room in L.A. has finally been dusted off, mixed and reborn.

Who is behind “The Is Head”?

In short, we are an indie band from Malmö consisting of Adam Jacobsson, Henric Claesson, Björn Wiking and Tom Malmros. We started out in the summer of 2008 and released the debut album, 0001, 2010. We have released three full length albums to critical acclaim and have won awards including Best Pop Album at Swedish national radio’s” P3 Guld” and Best Live Artist at the” Manifest Awards”.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

We like to create together as a band and give each other total freedom over what we play. That is so important to us. The music is based on total freedom, vibe, satisfaction, and the fact that imperfect is the perfect. 

Can you tell us a little about your vision for your music?

For us, the freedom is our vision. No one can tell us what we should do. We want to create and share our love for music. Music is important, especially these days with corona and all. It helps and makes you believe in the future. People will continue to create and write music, books and make beautiful art no matter what.

What was it like making the fashion video together with Whyred?  

We had such a great time on the island. The sun, the sea, drinks, dinners, sauna and the ocean. We feel that Whyred has a lot of music in their clothe, so it was very easy to say yes to this summer film. 

What are your thoughts on style and what inspires you when it comes to fashion? 

We have always been interested in the history of how and why to wear clothes, especially connected to the bands and artist we have been watching and listening to. Style, design and directions are important, it can help you to get your stuff to another level, to be taken seriously for what you do. It’s like, if you smile, you will get a smile back. 

What’s next for you guys?

We’re spread out all over Sweden nowadays, but we will continue to make music and create in the future.

We asked This Is Head to create a playlist, and this is the result. 

Summer Of Love: A film created for and showcased at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2020. Inspired by the legendary San Fransisco music festival 1967 Summer of love.

Creative director JESSY HEUVELINK
Director of Photography ROBIN TROLIN
Project manager JOHAN BORGQVIST
Makeup and hair ELVA AHLBIN